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Configuring NinjaProxy with an anti-detect browser like Undetectable takes only a few steps. We’ve broken the step on how you can get your new proxies working.

What is Undetectable?

Undetectable is an anti-detect browser built to give you anonymity online. Much like NinjaProxy, it masks certain information that could be used to identify you online.

Your web browser can reveal various information such as your web browser version, operating system, time zone, screen resolution, and much more. Websites can request this information from your web browser to more accurately identify you on the Internet.

If you’re an Internet marketer running multiple social media accounts or want to evade detection for any other purpose, Undetectable paired with NinjaProxy is a powerful combination.

You can learn more about Undetectable and its pricing here.

How to Set Up NinjaProxy on Undetectable

Get your NinjaProxy proxies by logging into your dashboard. You’ll need your username and password, the IP address and port number of the proxy server you want to use.

Ninja Proxy Control Panel

Download and install the Undetectable browser from here.

undetectable browser proxy tab with ninja proxy

Launch Undetectable, then click on the Proxy tab on the home screen.

adding ninja proxy to undetectable browser

Click on the “+” icon to add a new Proxy.

configuring ninja proxy with undetectable browser

Now, enter the proxy server’s IP address in the Host field, the port number in the Port field, and username and password in the relevant fields. Lastly, select “http://” as the connection type and give this proxy profile a name for your reference.

Click on the Save Proxy button.

That’s it! You’re all set to use your proxies. Just enable the proxy profile for the browser profile that you want to use. If you aren’t a subscriber yet, check out our high-quality proxies that start for as low as $0.09!

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