Hello world! We are NinjaProxy :)

Logo | NinjaProxy: The Legendary Proxy Provider.

Founded in 2007, NinjaProxy  shortly became one of the biggest proxy server providers on the market. Our mission is to provide our customers the best tools to hide their identity on the internet. We already set the benchmark in proxy server service quality.

Our statement is quite simple:

 Hide your IP address like a PRO! Private, Premium and Shared Proxy Servers for almost anything @ NinjaProxy

Private Proxy Ninjas - number of proxies sold

The reliability of our proxies is also reflected in the sales. Only last year, we sold over 1,850,000 proxies.

Let me present some of our products top features:

★ PayPal verified proxy server seller;
★ 30 days guaranteed proxy usage;
★ express service – ultrafast delivery – max. 4 hours;
★ 100% satisfaction guarantee on the quality of the proxies;
★ 3 days money back guarantee;
★ no contracts, cancel anytime;
★ customer support over email or live chat 24/7.

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