Hello world! We are NinjaProxy :)

Founded in 2007, NinjaProxy  shortly became one of the biggest proxy server providers on the market. Our mission is to provide our customers the best tools to hide their identity on the internet. We already set the benchmark in proxy server service quality.

Our statement is quite simple:

 Hide your IP address like a PRO! Private, Premium and Shared Proxy Servers for almost anything @ NinjaProxy

The reliability of our proxies is also reflected in the sales. Only last year, we sold over 1,850,000 proxies.

NinjaProxy Logotype

Let me present some of our products top features:

★ PayPal verified proxy server seller;
★ 30 days guaranteed proxy usage;
★ express service – ultrafast delivery – max. 4 hours;
★ 100% satisfaction guarantee on the quality of the proxies;
★ 3 days money back guarantee;
★ no contracts, cancel anytime;
★ customer support over email or live chat 24/7.

All our proxies, no matter if they are private, premium or shared include:

  1. highly anonymous proxies;
  2. super secure proxy servers;
  3. 0 $ setup fee;
  4. HTTP / HTTPS  proxies;
  5. unlimited bandwidth;
  6. 99,99% guaranteed uptime;
  7. multiple cities;
  8. multiple subnets;
  9. 1,000 Mbps proxy speed;
  10. non sequential IPs;
  11. 100 simultaneous connections per proxy;
  12. monthly IP refresh;
  13. IP authentication for proxy usage;
  14. simultaneous proxy usage;
  15. latest squid proxy technology incorporated.

I forgot to mention that our company operates already over 28 proxy server data centers in United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe? Here are the 21 US NinjaProxy data centers:

i) Arizona – Phoenix
ii) California – Los Angeles
iii) California – West Hollywood
iv) Colorado – Denver
v) Georgia – Atlanta
vi) Georgia – Smyrna
vii) Florida – Jacksonville
viii) Illinois – Arlington Heights
ix) Illinois – Chicago
x) Louisiana – Metairie
xi) Nevada – Henderson
xii) New Jersey – Hawthorne
xiii) New Jersey – West New York
xiv) New York – New York
xv) Pennsylvania – Philadelphia
xvi) Pennsylvania – Scranton
xvii) Oregon – Lake Oswego
xviii) Texas – Dallas
xix) Washington – Kirkland
xx) Washington – Seattle
xxi) Wyoming – Cheyenne

NinjaProxy best use:

✔ HIDE your real IP address;
✔ GOOGLE web scraping & SEO reports;
✔ SEO – SeNuke, ScrapeBox, Tweet Adder, Sick Submitter, Bookmarkwiz etc.;
✔ SEM – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram etc.;
✔ WATCH US & UK TV stations abroad;
✔ UNBLOCK Hulu, Netflix, Vevo, Spotify, Pandora, Songza etc.;
✔ UNBLOCK Google Voice, Skype etc.;
✔ BYPASS school’s web filters;
✔ BYPASS internet censorship in countries like Syria, Iran, Egypt or even China;
✔ UNLIMITED Ticketmaster & Live Nation tickets;
✔ UNLIMITED Craigslist listings;
✔ UNLIMITED mailing on Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, Outlook.com and many others.

If you intend to use our proxies with a software, service or a website that isn’t listed above, please feel free to use them.

However, we don’t offer support for the following on all our proxy servers:

– xRumer;
– Torrents;
– Fraud.

* Need help for choosing the right proxy for you? Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we may be of any further assistance :).