Opera Browser – Proxy Setup

Posted on April 27, 2023

This tutorial shows you step by step instructions of the fastest and the easiest way on how to set up a private proxy server in your Opera web browser.We are using Opera version 12.16, build1860, platform Win32, system Windows 8, but the steps involved in the
process should be similar for all versions of the web browser.

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DISCLAIMER: Please read the following warning.

The above tutorial illustrates how to configure your OPERA WEB BROWSER to use one of our paid private proxy servers. You can utilize this web browser with a private proxy server surfing on your behalf. The video uses the <strong>NinjaProxy</strong> website for demonstrative purposes only.

WARNING: Using a FREE PUBLIC PROXY or a FREE WEB PROXY could be perilous to your operating system and may lead to a compromise of personal data! There are legitimate business uses for proxy servers. You should not use this method to violate copyright laws. Additionally, unauthorized connections to any server may lead to potential liability. If you follow the directions in this video, you do so at your own risk. You knowingly accept all responsibility and hold Ninja Proxy and any of its affiliates harmless in following these directions.

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